Egypt’s parliament moves forward on anti-cybercrime law 19/04/2018 Al-Monitor Khalid Hassan Opinion and Analysis Nidal al-Said , chairman of parliament’s Communications and Information Technology Committee, announced on April 16 that the committee approved a 45-article draft law submitted by the government to combat cybercrime. Such clauses will lead to further restrictions on rights and freedoms, especially the freedom of expression. Anti-cybercrime law to risk VPN use. 175/2018 on cybercrimes which will recognise electronic evidence in trials. Article 2 of the draft law regulates the activities of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The Cybercrime Law must be withdrawn. Legal Context: The Cybercrime Law is Egypt’s first piece of cybercrime legislation in the country’s history. Data mining, privacy and the case of ‘the International’ Mohamed Hamama | The case has raised questions about data mining, privacy and Egypt's cybersecurity laws . According to the Law No. (Khalid Hassan, Egypt’s Parliament Moves Forward on Anti-Cybercrime Law, AL-MONITOR (Apr. As noted by Egyptian law and technology organisation Masaar, the TikTok cases are among the first in which the cybercrime law has been used since it was passed in 2018. Finally, a new Law No. “Anyone responsible for operating a website, private account, … Egypt’s President has issued Egypt Law No. Egypt: Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations 2021. These actions must be opposed in order to defend Egyptians’ human rights. More and more criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, either physical or virtual, cause serious harm and pose very real threats to victims worldwide. 175 of the year 2018 regarding anti-cyber and information technology crimes was published on Saturday 18/8/2018 by … In addition, the law stipulates new penalties for those who visit the websites intentionally or accidentally "without a valid reason." cybercrime law • 27 min read. They should also ensure that all efforts to combat cybercrime are guided by states’ existing obligations under international human rights law. 19, 2018).) It has been published in the Official Gazette. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signed a "cybercrime" law on Saturday, August 18, allowing authorities to block websites which "constitute a threat" to the country's economic and national security interests. CAIRO – 15 May 2018: The Parliament’s general session, chaired by speaker Ali Abdel Aal, witnessed on Monday the final voting on five important laws concerning social housing, mortgage finance, railway travel system, medical and clinical research, cybercrime and the development of Upper Egypt. Egypt used to govern technology crimes and cybercrimes by some provisions in Civil and Criminal laws. The committee agreed to amend definitions contained in Article 1 of the law, most prominently was the definition of the … In mid-August 2018, Egypt enacted a new anti-cybercrime law that comprehensively regulates Internet activities for the first time. The sentences — based on articles in the 2018 cybercrime law — were the first of their kind . But it's not just family values that makes the cyber crime law a threat to Egypt’s LGBTQs. Under Under the law, ISPs are required to keep and store customer usage data for a period of 180 days, Egypt’s cybercrime law is part of a larger effort by the government to increase surveillance of online activities. In May 2018, Egypt’s parliament approved several new pieces of legislation regulating the press and the media, but also the controversial cybercrime law. Egypt’s Parliament recently approved a draft law submitted by the government to counter cybercrimes; the new act received approval from about a two-thirds majority vote, according to Al-Ahram newspaper. Egyptian authorities pushing through new media cybercrime laws would give state near-total control over print online and broadcast media Amnesty International calling Egyptian parliament reject draconian bills and on president cybercrime law back to the parliament for amendment. Muslim Brotherhood “hacked” Saudi Cybercrime law! The drafts law titled “Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes” authorizes the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide […] On May 15, law professor and head of the Cairo Center for Political and Legal Studies Ahmed Mahran told the press that the cybercrime law contains many of the same clauses found in the counterterrorism law. With a Data Protection draft law being currently reviewed and discussed before the Egyptian parliament, a New Media law that has been issued not a few days ago and the Cybercrime law (175/2018) issued on14 August (the “Law”), 2018 is expected to be the golden year for data and privacy legislative reforms in Egypt. Egypt’s House of Representatives preliminary approved on Monday the cybercrime draft law, which primarily aims to combat the illegal use of information networks and terrorist groups that use the internet to carry out their attacks and recruit people. March 11, 2012 Middle East among Most Malware Infected Nations. 175 of 2018 on Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes (only available in Arabic here) ('the Anti-Cybercrime Law'), any person, whether a natural or legal person, that uses, collects, or processes personal data, shall maintain the privacy of the data stored and not disclose same without an order of relevant judicial authority. The Cybercrime Law and the Media Regulation Law are only the latest steps in the Egyptian government’s attempt to impose full control over the flow of information online, as part of an effort to close the space for public debate and prevent the exercise of the fundamental right to freedom of expression. Egypt’s Cybercrime Law and Media Regulation Bill violate right to freedom of expression. Cybercrime law Over 40 NGOs call for the full repeal of Egypt’s cybercrime law and the reform of dangerous media regulation legislation. The New Anti-Cyber Crime Law no. In August 2019, a decree granted the economic courts jurisdiction over Egypt’s 2018 Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes Law (known as the “cybercrime law”). The law criminalises the improper use of data, information and information systems and attacks on emails, accounts, websites, networks, state information systems. The law enforces a fine on website or social media account managers who intentionally encourage committing crimes. Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has recently ratified the country's first law devoted to cybercrime. cybercrime law • 18 min read. Text of the Draft Law . Egypt’s Cybercrime law : Because one law is not enough to tame social media The Egyptian House of Representatives has been very active in early June approving and passing several laws that technically kill any freedom of speech margin left in the country especially in the social media realm. 175/2018 (the “Law”) was issued to regulate the use of cyber technology in Egypt, also to guarantee the safe circulation of data through different networks. The law has an additional clause which bans the distribution of materials that pose a threat to “public morality.” Breaking this clause carries a minimum sentence of two years and a maximum one of five years in prison. The groups describe these laws as the latest steps in the Egyptian government's attempt to impose full control over the flow of information online. ICLG - Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations - covers common issues in cybersecurity laws and regulations, including cybercrime, applicable laws, preventing attacks, specific sectors, corporate governance, litigation, insurance, and investigatory and police powers – in 26 jurisdictions. The Anti-Cybercrime Law. Tamer al-Shahawi, a member of the parliamentary Defense Committee, submitted a draft law on this subject on March 1, 2016, but observers criticized how some articles violated the Egyptian Constitution by restricting public freedoms. Amr Gharbeia, technology and human rights officer with the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) and an expert on Internet surveillance in Egypt, spoke to Sofian Philip Naceur . The Convention on Cybercrime, also known as the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime or the Budapest Convention, is the first international treaty seeking to address Internet and computer crime by harmonizing national laws, improving investigative techniques, and increasing cooperation among nations. The TikTok influencers were prosecuted under Egypt's 2018 cybercrime law, legislation which has been widely criticised by human rights campaigners … The draft law on combating cybercrime had previously hit a stalemate due to all the criticism. Combat IT Crimes- Cybercrime- law number 175 in 2018 Cybercrime is a fast-growing area of crime. As the next step towards a stricter internet censorship, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, the President of Egypt ratified the new anti-cybercrime law on 18 August 2018. Above all, the Cybercrime draft law highlights one of Egypt’s most suffered problems when it comes to punitive legislations. The Communications and Information Technology Committee in Egypt’s House of Representatives last week discussed 27 articles of a draft law proposed by the government to combat cyber crimes, and is scheduled to continue deliberations this week. 4 August 2020 . Although… Read More. The Cybercrime Law also authorizes the mass surveillance of communications in Egypt. 24 December 2018 . Which can bring about the end of the already limited freedom of speech in the land of the Pharaohs. reedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt criticized of… Read More. Reports by “Panda Security” claim that half of all computers worldwide are infected with malware. Egypt’s new cybercrime law What Sisi sees. Access Now and AFTE call for the immediate withdrawal of the Law on Combating Cybercrimes in order to preserve the rights of Egyptian citizens in online expression, privacy, and access to information.

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